Sagittarius is considered as a fiery sign in Vedic Astrology and it is ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius is a strong sign and it provides good strength to many planets when placed in this sign.

Sagittarius Prediction 2018 by Vedic Astrology

The strengths of the Sun, Mars and Jupiter are particularly considered very good when they are placed in this sign and if one or more of the above mentioned planets are positively placed in this sign in a horoscope, they can bless the native with very good things like a very good reputation, finances, properties and social status which is many times passed on to the native by his Ancestors or in other words the native may inherit good fortunes or a some position of good to great status from his Ancestors, depending upon the other important factors influencing his horoscope.

The native may also enhance the reputation and status passed over to him by his Ancestors by doing very good deeds which can uplift the social and moral status of his entire family line if a couple of strong planets are placed in this sign in his horoscope. Apart from these things, a lot more can be predicted by studying the influence of this sign in a particular horoscope.

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On the other hand, placement of one or more strong negative planets in this sign in a horoscope can trouble the native a lot, particularly with the issues related to his parental family or Ancestors, like the native may have to work very hard for a big part of his life for the well being of his family and he may have to bear many responsibilities from his family side from time to time.

The strong negative effect of the certain specific planets on this sign can also make the native engage in bad Karmas which can bring bad name to the entire family line. Such natives can ruin and destroy an entire fortune and good named earned by their Ancestors. Sagittarius Rules the hips, thighs, nerves and arteries and some other parts and organs in the body.


Expenses seem to rise after April. Spend wisely and avoid wasteful expenses around mid Sagittarius, sale or purchase of a land or a house seems unfavorable from May to August. Your horoscope indicates profitable long-term investments in share market if made after September Avoid making any big investments in Sagittarius financial horoscope shows possible monetary profits from an old investment. Sagittarius, your love life appears average in Control your anger.

Otherwise, quarrels with your partner might spoil the harmony. Be calm and patient. For singles, horoscope indicates chances of meeting a potential partner at work.

Sagittarius Horoscope | Sagittarius Sign Astrology for Men and Women

Sagittarius, be confident and propose to your loved one immediately. A positive response would fill your life with showers of romance. By the grace of Saturn, your horoscope indicates a supporting and caring partner. Sagittarius, as starts, your marriage life seems good. Some confusion is likely after March, when Rahu transits your house of marriage. Clear any confusion with your soulmate, as doubts or misunderstandings might spoil your bonding. Your horoscope warns against possible health issues for your spouse around July.

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  6. Rising expenses on children could be stressful. After September , chances are your life would earn accomplishments or a prize at work. The Sagittarius health horoscope suggests patience and care. Laziness would cause delays in your work. Thus, avoid lethargy and work actively towards your goals. Tension and stress might rise after March You may plan a pilgrimage this year to relax.

    Sagittarius, your horoscope depicts possible blood related problems after June. Check your blood pressure levels regularly. Throat or chest related problems are possible after September To avoid stress, stop overthinking over petty issues. Sagittarius, your horoscope speaks of less traveling as the year starts.

    Sagittarius Horoscope 12222

    After March , you would travel more frequently, yet take care of your health. Planning a pilgrimage after April would help you relax. Chances of traveling with friends for pleasure seem less. Your horoscope indicates a trip abroad with family. Sagittarius, traveling for work seems to rise after September A religious journey with your parents is on the cards around the end of Sagittarius, your horoscope shows a rough time for your family relations.


    Speak softly, as arguments are possible near February Speak wisely and thoughtfully. Handle sensitive issues diplomatically. Financial disputes are possible within your family. Thus, stay calm. Sagittarius, your horoscope denotes a possible land related issue near mid Your mother might not support you. Some relief is likely through the support from your siblings near September