Their lives are different, often exotic and standing away from common limitations, and their role might be unclear until they set free from norms that limit their movement and their decisions in life. They are individualistic and need more freedom than most people in their surroundings are aware they do, this leading to choices that might be considered strange, but stand as a pure manifestation of their authentic needs.

In contact with others and people they consider to be on the "same level" they could face ego struggles and battles for supremacy. They are to learn to relate while seeing light in others, but also understanding their flaws and shortcomings just as they need to see their own. The wisdom hiding behind solitude is the essential information in this Sabian symbol. These individuals need enough time alone and enough distance to create and secure their own personal world, so they can do things differently from others with pride and dedication.

Protected by Nature itself, it is wise for them to get in touch with it whenever possible, enjoy hiking, out-of-town tours and spending time in parks and forests to cleanse their mind of toxic influences. Their concentration could peak at night, and the guidance of inner wisdom comes from active chases for goals in timings that are out of logic for everyone else.

They are different, but flexible enough to see in all directions, and when on a safe distance, they build the understanding for others needed for healthy relationships and cooperation. Intimacy is the focus point in lives of those born on November 27th, and usually it takes time and effort to get untangled from certain invisible family issues until they are ready to purely connect. They could be dismissive of their frailty and emotions that need to be cherished. In time they learn that their primal goal is to find forgiveness and purity of contact with other human beings, accepting all feelings that arise as natural.

This will give space to their life to unfold in a meaningful search for home and inner peace. With such a stressful primal setting, those born on the 27th of November could have trouble establishing a place to call their home, move a lot, or break off too many contacts along the way when their true nature is inhibited and their desires quenched. The stress of relating and their search for healthy intimate bonds could push them into numerous short-term relationships, or keep them loyal and tied to those they have broken up with numerous times.


They need stability in their contacts and it will be found only when personal freedom is no longer questioned or compromised in any way. A Swiss army compass for the man and a good garment folding suitcase for the woman. The November 27 birthday personality loves gifts that smell of adventure. Tags november sagittarius. I just started to become a diva now, like getting my nails, hair, and eyelashes done.

When I was 16 and even 18, I could care less about my appearance. I hate clingy men.

Hey there!

I like guys with a challenge. I get turned off easily like horrible teeth, bad breath, dirty clothes, smelly people, dirty overall appearance. Men who are not educated. Men who cuss in every sentence.


OMG am I the only one who feels like this? I know what you mean, I can relate. I am surrounded by good ppl, oops ones a Capricorn! Love them all the same. Astrology granny.

November 27 Zodiac - Full Horoscope Personality

People stop thinking that every word should match your exact and current life. I find this to be very good and close to my personality. And how I live life. If your young just wait a few years and come back to read this again.

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I bet lol you will relate more than you do now. Horoscopes are fun and interesting. You dont have to take it as a tool to decide your life. I like the color pink. For the females I say I like the color pink to. Who likes dark colors anyways? I am more female then tomboy. I know this cancer girl that dresses like a boy and people clam Cancers are the most female of out of all horoscopes. Like since when? I grew up with bratty kids in school that picked on me as heck!

Gamble …… ok not literally going to the casino Do you make decisions by gambling your options? Or like I bet …… that is how you could take it. I am not popular. I only had one close best friends and people picked on me. I also Never gamble or believe in karma. Your email address will not be published. June 24th Horoscope Cancer Zodiac Sign. June 27th Horoscope Cancer Zodiac Sign.

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