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Love and Sexual compatibility between Aries and Gemini zodiac signs. These two Signs love activity and stay optimistic even in the most trying of times.

With you, the challenge is asking what you really want, and where your motivations are really coming from. You can charm your way in and out of any fight or flirtation, but what will really serve you? How you ask someone out: Do you want to ask them out, or do you want them to ask you out? You can go either way, and you can arrange the production so that it happens either way, too.

And you know it. Your cool, intellectual exterior belies your proclivity for strategy and predilection for kink. You know, better than most, that the devil is in the details, and you know how to play your cards close to your chest. How you channel energy: Planning. Wellness practices. And probably a not insignificant dose of organization and cleaning. How you ask someone out: Grand gestures? Not your thing. You make your move thoughtfully and quietly — but powerfully. That small sigh, that quick brush against a thigh. Mars can have a tough time in Libra, which craves harmony and balance.

You fight fair, and you take you time deliberating, in both fight and flirtation. How you channel energy: By keeping the peace. But you believe in establishing harmony in your life. Keeping a level head. Pleasing conversation. Beautiful surroundings. Establishing balance. Or you arrange the situation in such a way so that they ask you out. Ruled by Mars, Scorpio — like Aries — is where Mars finds its height. But whereas Mars in Aries is the warrior on the front lines, a bit rash and impulsive if extraordinarily powerful and fearless , Mars in Scorpio is the spy.

All strategy, all stealth. Mars in Scorpio will wait you out. Out think you. Out play you. Outlast you. If wronged, you never forget. Productive, obsessive, possessive — you know how to get what you want. How you channel energy: You need to spread your wings. Like Gemini, your opposite sign, you require freedom and variety in romantic adventure. How you ask someone out: Bluntly. I want you, do you want me? If so, great. If not, you go your way and I go mine.

This is a very take no prisoners, no hard feelings placement. The celeb doppelganger couples are great examples of committed couples with this placement. When you decide you want something or someone , you are unyielding. Your biggest turn-on is success — your own as well as that of others. How you channel energy: Productively and obsessively.

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In earthy Capricorn, the sign that wants to build, Mars, the planet of action, is exalted. Like Mars in Scorpio, you have a tendency towards fixation and workaholism, and you require partners and playmates who understand this side of you. How you ask someone out: Directly. You have approximately zero time for bullshit.

In matters of sex and love you can be quite a productive romantic partner - both in and out of the bedroom! Mars in Virgo is the essence of serving energy so pleasing your lover and satisfying every sexual need is a turn on for you. You see sex in a healthy, necessary way to release energy tension and even though you are attracted to someone who has a healthy respect for their body, you're not looking for the perfect person.

Your energy is more the type to love someone that can become more perfect through your energy. Disclaimer Privacy Statement Sitemap.

Leo Mars has a will on their own, as a separate entity. What they wish, better be the wish of everybody. Although they are show - offs, there is a high level of justice in their behaviour - they want to be admired, but for a reason. You can not not see them - the moment they enter the room, they impose their rules. Not much of a team player, unless they are the leaders of the team. Sagittarius Mars is over-the-top sometimes.

Mars Signs - Mars In Virgo |

Their energy is contagious. If harshly aspected by Pluto or Saturn, they can seem like volcanoes waiting to explode. Aries Mars is straightforward, fast and does not dwell on decisions, often to the level when they are reckless. They can seem blunt because they are honest and expect job to be done. They are funny and will push you into dealing with things. They are never mean, just hate prolonging stuff and being idle. Originally posted by grunge-alienzs.

They have a knack for handling a wide variety of tasks at once, and a tendency to take on perhaps too much at the same time. Most Mars in Virgo natives are not particularly aggressive by nature. Although they can be a little hard-nosed and critical at times, they rarely resort to pushing others around… An earthy and sometimes nervous sexuality generally characterizes people with this position of Mars. Virgo is a dual earth sign ruled by Mercury which shares an inimical relationship with Mars.

While Mars is a fiery masculine planet that concerns itself with passion, ambition and energy, Mercury is a neutral earth planet that relates to intellect and wisdom. Virgo natives tend to pay attention to the little details. Since Mars represents weapons and Mercury represents concentration, a meeting of their energies in Virgo makes the native skillful in fields such as medicine, nursing and surgery. Mars in Virgo also gives a strong drive for sex.

Venus enters Sagittarius

It awards the native with the knowledge of writing and poetry. These natives also do well in mechanical fields. Influence of Mercury tames down the aggression of Mars, thus the native is of a sweet and tactful disposition. These people plan their projects carefully before making any decision. They earn a lot of fame in life and are quite dedicated to their work. While they may not be as creative and innovative, but their observation and attention to details is exceptional.

At times, these people are overly energetic mentally. They can be quite argumentative too. Lack of tolerance and a demanding nature at times also affects them negatively in life. Mars in Virgo are usually a very service oriented group of people who are more interested in pleasing you than themselves! They get pleasure in your own satisfaction, hearing you moan, hearing you gasp, seeing your faces and the way you grab and tug at them begging for more they love that.

They are into inequality themes so any theme where one of you has the power is very erotic to them as often they all have a secret desire to be dominated or the one dominating. Virgo mars in the first decan are usually more vers and can fluctuate between wanting to be at your mercy or be the one with the power. Mars in Virgo in the cap decan tend to be dark and rather cold sexually in a very earthy way!

They live to please you but also crave control! They not only want to have control of themselves but the way the act plays out in general! They desire aggression and intensity sexually and can be very dominate which depending on what you prefer is an amazing experience! Also something to note is they crave sex practically every other day due to Virgo mars needed to constantly release nervous energy so aha they tend to be super active! Imploding means they can take it out on themselves, critiquing themselves for not being at an unattainable level of perfection, over exercising, or finding something to distract themselves that requires a high level of control.

Additionally, as Virgo rules the everyday routine, sex is important and as much a part of an everyday requirement as much as exercise or a meal.

Mars in Virgo in Horoscope (All about Virgo Mars zodiac sign)

I think a lot of us have forgotten that the mars sign in our natal chart represents what we are passionate about. If you have mars in virgo, you might be passionate about virgo topics, like selfless service or routine. If you have mars in Aries, you might be passionate about boxing, or you might be a sports fanatic. If you have mars in Leo you may be passionate about theatre or other forms of entertainment. Cancer Venus , ofc! Aquarius Mercury , wow, your mind! Their minds work so uniquely, I love it! Sasha Grey. Venus in Virgo, Mars in Virgo: There is a clarity and directness about your sexuality that is unique and, at your best moments, utterly charming.

You always know exactly what you want from sex and you will waste no time or ceremony in getting it. Occasionally your straightforward approach makes you seem brusque and calculating.

Virgo Male Aquarius Female In Love

But you can also be a very warm and gentle Lover, capable of the most amazing acts of kindness and service. The main problem in your sexual make-up is your lack of ambition. You like convenience in your sexual diet and too often this causes you to pass up quality in loving for the sake of accessibility.

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Your physical drives are quite impressive. I know actually that it is said that the Virgo and Scorpio sign where one thing, but because their energy was too much to handle both in a good way and bad way, went in the middle Libra to balance them out and separate them. Both are great schemers but Scorpio can lose control out of emotional outburst and are more vengeful, meanwhile Virgo mars are cold, strategic, more treacherous and good at foil your traps,outsmarting you, but usually prefer to use this for far more serious and important things like work,study and routine.

She prefer to be the object of the desire. Originally posted by usedpimpa. Originally posted by doafhat. Originally posted by chairczar. Originally posted by gameraboy. They love to give and will most likely always offer their help by themselves but if you wanna be nice and respectful, keep saying please and thank you.

Mars in Virgo are very passive people. They may get riled up easily, but tend to hold it in rather than letting it out. They have a lot of drive when it comes to their jobs or roles.