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Love and Sexual compatibility between Aries and Gemini zodiac signs. These two Signs love activity and stay optimistic even in the most trying of times.

For this reason, you have won the admiration of those that you meet. You are a good negotiator. You have the ability to see all the sides of a situation and make a rational judgment. Also, you are driven by the need to achieve a win-win situation in every conflict. True to the spirit of Sagittarius, you have the ability to blend positive and negative qualities to create a balance. This means that you are a well-adjusted individual.

You have the ability to fit in any kind of situations. However, you have a couple of flaws that you need to iron out.

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These weaknesses are a blot on your otherwise stellar reputation. For example, you tend to forget your promises. You make pacts, but soon forget the details involved. This means that you are likely to brush a number of your friends the wrong way. Also, you ate times fail to see the big picture. All in all, you have what it takes to soar high. Keep your channels of communication open.

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Let people find it easy to reach you. A good number of personalities from all over the world were born on December 15th. Here is a sample of five such individuals:. Those born on December 15th are in the 3rd decan of Sagittarius. They belong in the same group as people born between 13th December 13th and December 21st. The Sun plays an instrumental role in the lives of those on this decan.

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As such, you exhibit the more outstanding qualities of Sagittarius. For example, you are resourceful, majestic, intuitive, and influential. You are very focused on everything you do. You are rational, deliberate, and focused. You stand out as an excellent negotiator. The December 15th stands for devotion, talent, responsibility, and pragmatism.

Put these qualities to good use. You are a highly extroverted individual. Interestingly, you are also very discreet. Just like your birthday twins, John Allen and Betty Smith, you are good at keeping confidence. Thus, you can make a very successful career in the world of consultancy. They like to experiment with new things, so their partners should be aware of this fact, and to know how to deal with such tendencies.

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Many of them seek to meet the sexual needs of different people not necessarily at the same time. Loyal in all aspects, these people, sometimes want to find out who the people that are not loyal to them in some way so that they can remove them from their environment. We must speak of one more aspect that is connected to these people and love, and we are talking about the best case scenario, in the perfect conditions. This perfect scenario that happens in not so many cases but is not impossible points to the situation often points to a very open and sincere people of love who are full of confidence, often without prejudice and very dedicated.

Even further, for these developed people who are born on December 15, it is not difficult to adapt to the partner in love because they are usually ready for compromise solutions and arrangements they can make decent compromises and have a stable relationship that can last. In their love relationship marriages or affairs, they like to bring all necessary changes that will keep that connection alive and active, so their partners are never bored with them. But we must mention, this one possible scenario that can b seen as love potential that can be used or can be ignored completely.

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What will be their emotional life, one failure after another, or it can be fruitful filed of emotions. Without a doubt, they are passionate readers of various books, and, over time, they use all of this immense knowledge to make progress in their lives. These people who are born on December 15 have a good memory that allows them to keep everything they have read, including dates — these human beings are able to learn the smallest details, and they can use it to make as detailed plans as possible.

Things that these Sagittariuses know is pretty clear to them, so as teachers they are able to pass on knowledge to others, by using a simple language, to understand it. It is recommended for these people who belong to the December 15 should be lecturers, or historians, why not; they do not have the need to have some practical knowledge. These people can talk for days, and in that process, they have one distinct mission — to send as much knowledge. These people should be pointed in one direction, and this is the way that can lead them to some serious success.

People who are under the major influence of the numeral six like these people who are born on December 15 have some interesting aspects in their lives. We must say that numeral 6 is the number that is initiating Harmony and Love, so subsequently; these people require responding to the willingness by providing others in the face of their aspirations. It is the number that pushes people to learn and appreciate the notion of helping, so that when we allow others to take care of themselves and situations when we realise that the loss of one means space for another.

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Birthday Horoscope December 23rd Birthday Horoscope December 23rd, personal asctrological characteristic for those who were born on December 23rd. Comments: December Horoscope Sagittarius. Connie This describes me pretty much to a tee when I was younger.. Now i'm considered to be an empathy I can deeply feel others sorrow and pain, "human and animals".. I'm more of a loner now, I have a couple of close friends, whereas, years ago I had so many.. I love my inner peace, and I think that's why I enjoy being a loner. There's no more drama in my life I'm also good at reading people..

It's hard to fool me.. I was told that it's a special Sagittarius gift Jessica It's so unreal how this works,,,, how all of us dec 15 babies can ALL be so much the same.

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This explains me in ways or words I've not considered using before to explain me to someone. It's amazing. Victoria Wow.. Always optimist and always moving. Yep that's me. Samara I AM becoming a very young parent. I know this will teach me a lot about my self. The devil though??

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David Southard Add me on fb look for pink hair and the fat chubby face. Masiayia That is me I am really shy and a little bit nosy to and nice to any one. Damian I'm an aries. Looking for a Sagittarius woman.

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Anam Me tooo. Gaby I'm really shy, and I don't exactly like to get involved in things.. But eh XD. Nuca me too. Shweyee mueller So true.. Karen Wong Thats true,Iam full of ideas about Agriculture. I love to learn diff. Languages coz I believe this make you communicate well and thus learning frm others. Now I Know why Iam nature lover. Thank you for this wonderful messages,Ive read. Thank you to the Astrologer. I love to do research. Now Iam interested about. Electronics,Biochemistry and Solar Energy. I dnt Know why I have these Vision. When Im dreaming It become true.