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Love and Sexual compatibility between Aries and Gemini zodiac signs. These two Signs love activity and stay optimistic even in the most trying of times.

A collaboration between Venus and Uranus suggests that tapping into your singular talents will enable you to appeal to higher-ups, or creative work will boost your finances and confidence. In any case, the best path to success will not be the most travelled one, so seek unique routes to the top. As Saturn segues from your ambition angle to your hopes-and-humanity sector for a three-year stay, your focus shifts from current goals to future ones and from personal achievement to team-building.

The emphasis now is on being a responsible citizen, being accountable to others, integrating your individuality with group interests and figuring out who your people are — based on your interests, ideals and objectives. You might pare down your squad, as Saturn stresses quality over quantity, and some friendships will probably be put to the test. No sooner does the sun sail into this sector than he meets up with Saturn there, nudging you to secure a mentor, join an organization and focus some of your attention on networking.

The moon enters Taurus today.

This would be a good time to fine-tune your profiles on professional platforms like LinkedIn. Now that Mercury is wrapping up its retrograde phase, your ability to make career plans, communicate with authority figures and articulate your aims and accomplishments is about to improve. Uranus in Aries makes nice with Venus this week, giving you a green light to enjoy pleasures off the beaten path.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

Those of you who harbor a fear of failure or fear of success will find yourselves grappling with it — because Saturn is pushing you onto center stage and challenging to fulfill your potential. The lesson of the day is a difficult one for Aries: Slow and steady wins the race. Press pause and plan the next steps on your road to success.

As Mercury gets back in gear, travel will become easier and delays related to learning, publishing and the law should dissipate. Your ruler harmonizes with Uranus this week, inspiring liberating closeness and compassionate self-examination. Self-love is a prerequisite for true intimacy, and the depth of feeling you experience now can be a revelation. Carve out alone time or private time with someone you care about to get the most out of this transit. You might work to earn a degree, get something published, launch an entrepreneurial venture or learn what you need to know to reach your professional goals.

Saturn wants you to give your vision of the future more structure and devote yourself to figuring out how the game of life is played. When the sun moves into this corner and gets together with Saturn, you may feel the weight of the mission ahead of you. Challenge yourself to do one thing that will put you on the road to becoming a more conscious being. Now that Mercury is wrapping up its retrograde phase, an investigation will yield clearer results, your psychological insights will make more sense or an outside resource such as a loan will be more available.

This pairing helps you find the right balance of personal space and keeps your interactions lively and entertaining.

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As the sun dives into that sector and joins up with Saturn, commitment could feel heavy yet crucial. Enjoyment of your work, a sincere desire to help others, and doing something creative can propel you forward on your path this week, when Venus in your efficiency corner vibes with Uranus. Your relationships may feel harder, but the best ones will grow more solid and mature. Positive vibes between Venus and Uranus could inspire a romantic trip, creative gamble, unexpected fun or eye-opening adventure this week. Venture into untested waters to maximize the joys of this transit.

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Cut out time-wasters. Get serious about lifestyle upgrades like eating healthy and exercising regularly.

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You may need to set very clear limits now. Your ruling planet gets back in gear this week, which should make you feel less touchy and nostalgic and will gradually clear up miscommunication on the home front. The pleasures of home have the power to heal you now. A casual affair could turn into the real deal, since Saturn is pushing you to make dating less of a game and more of a mission. Your relationship with a parent could be tested, and you should try to resist falling into old patterns.

You might have to shoulder more responsibility at home or deal with a challenging living situation head-on in order to make your environment more stable or comfortable. Decluttering or downsizing could take priority, or you could finally get your own place.

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  • Surprises abound and eureka moments are had. The energy shifts as the moon enters grounded earth sign Taurus at AM. The moon connects with the planet of maturity, Saturn, at PM, creating a supportive energy. The moon enters Taurus today, lighting up the sector of your chart that rules your daily routine—everything from your day job to your self-care habits! Make time to tap into your senses today: take a walk, eat something delicious; do whatever you need to make your body feel good.

    Your Horoscope for the Week of December 18

    The moon enters fellow earth sign Taurus this morning, finding you in an especially flirtatious and creative mood! The moon enters grounded earth sign Taurus today, putting you in a cozy mood, Aquarius. Your attention is needed at home, and you experience a shift that allows you to consider your feelings from a different perspective.

    The moon enters Taurus this morning and activates the communication sector of your chart. A supportive energy for discussing your needs and expectations arrives this evening, Pisces! While some wild energy flows early this morning, your attention turns to your finances today, thanks to the moon in Taurus. Tonight brings a solid opportunity to discuss plans, dear Aries. The moon enters your sign today, Taurus, so make time for self love. Saturn is on your side tonight as you express your needs. Take it slow today, Gemini, the moon enters Taurus and asks that you relax and catch up on time alone.

    Because you are so social, people might be surprised to learn that you truly value your alone time—when else would you read those books in your massive library?